10,000 Daily used English Phrases & Sentences to become Fluent.


Daily used English Phrases

10,000 Daily used English Phrases & Sentences.

Many students learn vocabulary and try to put many words together to create a suitable sentence. I am amazed at how many words some of my students know, but cannot create a proper sentence. The reason is that they did not study sentences. When children learn a language, they learn both words and phrases together. You also need to study and learn phrases.

If you know 1000 words, you may not be able to say a correct sentence. But if you know one phrase, you can make hundreds of correct sentences. If you know 100 phrases, you will be amazed at how many correct sentences you will be able to say. Finally, when you know only 1000 Phrases, you will be almost fluent in English.

Here are some Daily used phrases:-


Good morning.

Good afternoon.

Good night.

Good evening.

See you!

See you soon!

Hi, how are you?

Good morning! How are you?

Good bye!

Good bye! See you again.

See you tomorrow!

I am single.

I am twenty six years old.

I have two sisters.

We have relatives in the south of Spain.

Have you got any children?

I am sorry.

I am sorry I am late.

I am sorry I didn’t call to let you know.

I am afraid I can’t come.

How many Pens do you have?

I must prepare their breakfast.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

She is from France.

The pirates buried their treasure in the ground.

You’ll never be alone.

If only I could sing well.                                                                                             

I don’t mind being criticized when I am wrong.

The toilet is upstairs.

We have no school tomorrow.

I live in Delhi now.

He is old enough to drive a car.

Permanent peace is nothing but an illusion.

Both his parents are dead.

I bought a round ticket.

I dislike being alone.

We travelled on foot.

It’s now my turn.

Your father wants you.

She apologized to me for stepping on my foot.

I must have made a mistake.

You are no longer a baby.

This is how we make ice cream.

You should be ashamed of your behavior.

The dress suits you very well.

Stop saying that!

Did you come here alone?

She insisted on going there.

I gave my father a silk tie.

I wish I were in Paris now.

They found him guilty.

She loves tom.

This dog is big.

He felt something crawl up his leg.

I want to be a Nurse.

He hated lying.

I am very busy so don’t count on me.

It’s almost six o’clock.

Lightning struck the tower.

I’d like to pay the check, please.

You should not trust him.

Everyone is ready.

This is a small book.

The adopted the orphan.

She has a tender heart.                 

I can’t make myself understood in French.

Iron is hard.

He turned the doorknob with his left hand.

Do as he tells you.

I have a friend who lives in Mumbai.

How many students are there in your school?

I’m expecting a customer today.

He made up his mind to be a teacher.

When did you finish it?

She did not let failure discourage her.

What is the tallest building in Japan?

To tell the truth, this is how it happened.

I will have finished the work by noon.

Some runners drink water as they are running.

Is there a doctor in the house?

I can’t hear you.

My stomach hurts.

I will be glad to help you anytime.

They went on an expedition to the North Pole.

Clean the mirror.

She knows your mother very well.

I know the reason that she quit her job.

The power plant supplies the remote district with electricity.

We saw the monkey at the Zoo.

I can’t believe my eyes.

Their wedding will be tomorrow.

Do me a favor by switching off that radio.

I do not read books.

That can’t be true.

He can play baseball.

Who planted the tree?

Is breakfast ready?

The deal in shoes and clothes at that store.

That’s news to me.

The opposite side of the rectangle are parallel.

He deserves a promotion.

My father bought me a camera for my birthday.

The boy got in through the window.

She married a musician.

Scientists regard the discovery as important.

I remember seeing her.

Do you have any apples?

She called up her mother on the phone.

In case of fire, dial 101.

My driving instructor says I should be more patient.

Have you read this book yet?

I am staying with friends.

Tell me a bit about yourself.

How was your vacation?

Should I invite sister?

Should I call him again?

Crime doesn’t pay.

I remembered everybody.

Don’t worry about me.

Are you ready to hear bad news?

Give me something to write on.

He lacks experience.

His brother is more patient than he is.

Could I have a screw driver?

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