Increase your English vocabulary by reading everyday


English Vocabulary, English Speaking, English writing

The best way to increase your English vocabulary is by reading. And the most suitable books for this are the books you love to read.

Yes, you can increase your English vocabulary with other methods, but it will take much longer.

Use these items every time you do your reading practice.

1. Read from your book of choice

Just spend some time reading from any book of your choosing.

2. Find any new words

Find all new words as you read. Do not skip over any words. Do not say to yourself: Oh, I think I know that word.

If you don’t know the word, you don’t know it. Simple as that.

3. Write them in your English Vocabulary Notebook

Write all new words in your notebook. Do this with every new word that you find. By writing the words down, this will help you remember them.

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4. Look the new word up in your English dictionary

Now look the word up in your dictionary. As it is an all-English dictionary, you are finding out the meaning in English too. This will also help you to remember the word and the meaning.

5. Write the meaning down in your notebook

Write the full meaning in your notebook next to the new word. Write every detail down if you have to. Again, this is a great exercise for remembering the new word and how to use it.

If the dictionary gives an example sentence, write that down too.

6. Think of a sentence of your own using the new word

Take some time and try to think of a sentence using this new word. Try to use the word in the same context as the meaning.

7. Write the sentence down in your notebook

Very simple. Just write your sentence in the notebook.

8. review from time to time

And finally, every so often, go over all the new words you have found. Read out loud all the new words, the meanings and your sentences.

You will find that you are much abler to express yourself in English writing and English speaking. And of course your English reading skills will improve too. It will help with most of your English skills.

That is the entire process.

At the beginning, this is not much fun but it will help you to improve your English Speaking also. You will be stopping regularly to write down new words.

But after some time, you will find that your range of vocabulary has grown to a huge level.

If you maintain this exercise, you should see great progress in just a short period of time.